A performance collaborative focused on community building through site-specific creative projects, I documented a project called ​[Storage]. ​The group acquired a storage unit through an auction and used the abandoned items to build an installation and performance — the concept ofthe project was, "of place and displacement, possession and dispossession, permanence and transience, and of what beyond memory we pack away." 
As the documentarian, I recorded the project’s journey from start to finish, capturing moments of artists working together through workshops, movement in public spaces with ​[Storage]​ items and the company members’ curated installation at The Apohadion. We usually only ever see a final product whether it’s a performance, artwork, film, or installation, but Bare Portland wanted to document the creative process behind-the-scenes as well. 
Only a small group of people were able to see the show live right before the COVID pandemic hit Maine and in-person events had to be cancelled. These series of photos show the rehearsal and installation of [Storage]​'s final moments at the former Maine Girls’ Academy.
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